Amazon DevOps Yesterday Today Tomorrow Transformation Story

Kelly’s talk with our Tampa Bay DevOps group covered Amazon DevOps yesterday, today and tomorrow. First, Amazon’s transformation from technology organization built on a monolith application into one composed of hundreds of independent teams building microservices end-to-end. All a decade before DevOps or microservices were really coined as industry buzzwords. 2nd Kelly discusses how AWS […]

ATDA Acceptance Test Driven Automation

Nikolay from SauceLabs presents Insanely Easy Framework Design with Acceptance Test Driven Automation at Tampa Bay DevOps Acceptance Test Driven Automation (ATDA) is a test automation activity to help an individual develop a production quality, test automation framework, in under 45 min. ATDA iterates through 3 phases of development to produce a robust automation framework […]

CI/CD Pipelines for DevSecOps with Hybrid Cloud

The Meetup for Tampa Bay DevOps recently hosted a session on CI/CD Pipelines for DevSecOps with Hybrid Cloud by Michael Fraser. Description: Leveraging CI / CD pipelines, enterprises want to be able to automate in a hybrid world, with some on-premise and public cloud automation. Both enterprise and Department of Defense tech teams are facing […]

Filament Feed Upgrade for Ender 3

Started to notice issues with some of my 3d prints. These included under extrusion and misaligned part. Upon further investigation noticed my filament guide was significantly warn and in need of an upgrade. From the image below you can see the guide has been warn to the point it is starting to cut through the […]

DevOps Technical Skill Up

(note: this is not a complete article and plan to update as time goes on, but want to share what I have for our community) Working at Accenture, it is awesome that we get to work with some of the latest technologies and get to pioneer new patterns and practices that greatly matures our clients […]