How BDD enables True CI/CD

Behavior Driven Development is one of the most commonly misunderstood techniques in DevOps, but it is also one of the key enablers of both an Agile culture and true continuous deployment. This talk will attempt to fill in the missing pieces on exactly what BDD is and how your teams can use it to increase communication, drive quality, and reduce waste. We will also connect the dots on why you need a test-first strategy to enable trunk-based development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. If your business still struggles with monthly or quarterly big-batch releases, this talk will show you what your teams must do to evolve to the next stage of continuous delivery.

Roger Turnau is an Agile coach with SolutionsIQ, an Accenture company. An IT executive for over 20 years, his experience includes development on large-scale, high-availability, high-profile sites, as well as helping clients unlock the value-creating potential of Agile enablement. He has helped large organizations through difficult digital and DevOps transformations, and is passionate about instilling a culture of technical excellence through test automation, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. Roger has a particular interest in helping companies align their strategies to their team-level Agile initiatives, to ensure their policies are enabling rather than hampering innovation and change.

Tampa Bay DevOps Group – How BDD enables True CI/CD

Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021, 4:30 PM

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How BDD enables True CI/CD Complements from JFrog, attendees will receive JFrog SwampUP Main Conference Day and a Premium Add-on extra add-on Tutorial Day ticket for FREE and a chance to win a free Amazon Echo Show. We’re also partnering this event with Tampa Bay Software QA and Testing Meetup Description: Behavior Driven Development is one of the …

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